weed seeds

We are going to comment a little on  the best marijuana in this case the best indoor seeds  of which marijuana growers like the most, some are looking for production, others are looking for quality, and others are just looking for a good flavor and to get high. With these varieties we can say that we have it all.

Why are they good for indoors?

  • They do not reach excessive height.
  • They are quite fast
  • Production is pretty good
  • They are powerful (you will love them…)

Critical Kush

critical kush photo

The  Critical Kush  is a big producer with a very good taste, and very powerful with 25% THC. It is an Indica mostly. It is a plant of the highest genetic quality, we could classify it  as one of the best indoor marijuana. It is a cross between the great recognized critical mass and Og Kush with a tendency to indica and a great power both in growth and consumption.

Enjoy the smell, touch and taste of this  great marijuana plant. With a very good yield per plant and its great distinctive flavor you will enjoy both watching them grow and smoking it. This great indica strain hybrid makes it ideal for relaxation and pain. In about 8 weeks you will have a considerable height in bloom. Great hybrid putting its grain of sand for the cultivation of marijuana.Orientation: feminized.

Northern Lights # 5 x Haze

Northern Lights # 5 x Haze photo

On the other variety the  Northern Lights 5 X Haze from the renowned Sensi Seeds bank, we can say that it is mostly Sativa, which blooms a little long but the wait will give us a  good reward for large and resinous buds. Perfect for hybrid lovers.

One of the most exquisite tropical Sativas you can find is Northern Lights # 5 X Haze. This vigorous variety was developed to improve the flowering time and the structure of the buds of the Haze variety.

With a touch of spice in its flavor,  NL # 5 X Haze is 70% Sativa and offers an invigorating brain effect that increases sensory awareness like few other strains. Its 30% Indica allows rapid production only a few weeks after flowering.

Thus, this sativa hybrid can be harvested approximately 11 weeks after its cultivation, although it requires enough light for maximum collection. It presents, like the majority of the descendant varieties of the Haze, airy buds and it is easy to reach a meter in height.

It is a plant that does not demand too much in its care, that is why we say that it can be one of the best varieties of marijuana, so you can get large buds and enough resin without investing too much time in its upbringing.

With a fresh, herbal flavor reminiscent of mint leaves when grown using natural fertilizers, Northern Lights # 5 x Haze is a classic variety, developed for a fast harvest and powerful effect.

Critical 2.0

Critical 2.0 strain photo

If the Critical + conquered you due to its rapid development speed and its pleasant and intense fruity aroma, its enhanced version is sure to reinforce your love for this cannabis variety. The  Critical 2.0 is a creation of Dinafem that arises genetically crossing to classical Critical + with a phenotype very resistant to moisture, resulting in a stronger plant capable of growing in climates hostile, which makes it ideal for growing indoors and outdoors. For us it could be said that it is  one of the best seeds for indoors.

In addition, as it is a hybrid plant between Sativa and Indica, it has their growth speed, blooming 45-50 days after cultivation and being able to produce 700g / m2 indoors and between 900-1300g / outdoor plant; characteristics that make it one of the favorites for commerce.

It is a light green plant, with leaves and thin stems that can grow up to 2.5m in open spaces, a height that allows it to get more sunlight.

Its buds are robust, heavy and, in a few days, they are accompanied by a large number of flowers. On the other hand, it stands out for its intense and sweet aroma of lemon, pine and spices, a combination of scents that surprises all the senses.

Among its effects, its narcotic and calming power of Indica predominates (70%), which is why we have it classified as  one of the most powerful marijuana. Ideal for coping with stress by producing lasting and pleasant relaxation throughout the body, but without completely disconnecting due to its high levels of THC (20%) from Sativa, which offers brain stimulation.

AK 47


Its name tells us everything. It is one of the most powerful cannabis on the market, being able to knock anyone out with just one hit, hence its famous name  AK 47.

It has a powerful psychotropic effect that guarantees an amazing experience. It is ideal for recreational use as it keeps your mind alert while experiencing constant and lasting periods of joy and euphoria, going through moments of relaxation and passivity if you exceed the number of puffs.

Its genetics are mainly Sativa, so it has a very resistant trunk capable of supporting the weight of its wide leaves and its large and compact buds, allowing it to reach a height of up to 3m; These buds have a thick layer of resin and release one of the most intense aromas of the cannabis species, which makes it necessary to use  carbon filters to reduce strong citrus, pine and pungent odors , similar to the Skunk species, which generate.

It is one of the plants that requires the least care, which facilitates its cultivation, however, as it is Sativa, it will take 53-63 days to fully bloom, during which time the use of permanent light is essential from 15 days of growth.

Black Domina

Black Domina strain photo

Black Domina  is a hybrid indica dominated plant from 4 types of cannabis species: Hash Plant, Northerm Lights, Afghani SA and Ortega; plants that are perfectly crossed to obtain a powerful product that differentiates itself from the rest by giving the consumer a powerful and pleasant relaxation effect that will introduce him to a state of forceful passivity, fulfilling all the expectations that every fan of the Indica expects to find.

This variety can also be one of the  best outdoor marijuana.

It is also fast growing and easy to grow in hot climates, blooming 50-60 days after growing indoors or after three weeks in open spaces, collecting more than 450g / m2 for each harvest; allowing any grower to obtain profitable production suitable for trade or personal use.

The plant is characterized for being of small or medium stature, with large fan-like leaves of dark green color close to black and long petals, making it a beautiful specimen to behold.

Its numerous buds are covered in frosted resin days after flowering, impregnating the entire plant in a perfume with citrus notes, sandalwood, hashish, blackberry, musk and spices, a combination that offers an intense sweet and floral aroma.

Marijuana seeds comparing

SeedCritical KushNorthern Lights # 5 x HazeCritical 2.0AK 47Black Domina
TypeIndica dominant90% indicaIndica 70%75% Sativa95% Indica
GeneticsCritical Mass and OG kushNorthern Lights # 5 x HazeCritical + X Critical +Northern Lights # 5 x HazeNorthern Lights
x Hash Plant
Production500 g / m2630g / m2650 g / m2350-600 g / m2550 g / m2 High
75-85 cm1.5 to 2 mFrom 0.7 to 2 meters90 cm95 cm
Flowering time
54-61 days73 days50 days75 days8 weeks
harvest season
early OctoberEnd of SeptemberMid-OctoberMid-OctoberMid-September
25%High22%High21% High