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The best marijuana seed banks 2020

In the following article we will review the best marijuana seed banks of 2020. To carry out this list, we have chosen the best marijuana banks based on the potency of the strains they produce, their originality and quality. , but also because of consumer responses. It is clear that they are subjective criteria and that there is nothing written on the subject of tastes. However, it can be affirmed that in this article some of the best marijuana seed brands  that we have to keep in mind for the year 2020 will appear. If you think we are missing one, you already know that we appreciate you reminding us in the comments at the end of the article. Without further delay. We begin!

In the category – which is not intended to be a ranking , since we believe in the quality of all these houses equally – there are banks that produce both autoflowering  and feminized marijuana seeds. By clicking on the hyperlinks of each brand you can access the complete file on our website.



Sensi Seeds

Sensi seeds

Sensi Seeds  begins in Amsterdam in 1985. It arises from another seed bank, Seed Bank of Holland , founded by Neville Schoenmakers , one of the pioneers of the Cannabis industry. Ben Dronkers , founder of Sensi Seeds, would buy his Seed Bank from Neville to found his company as we know it today. Today, it is the largest seed bank in the world , offering the market more than 50 varieties of marijuana. Turning each of them into indisputable classics within the community, such as Jack Herer marijuana , queen of Cannabis strains for many, or the Northern Lights , one of the most narcotic, famous and planted varieties in the world. Another of the most legendary products of this house is the G13 marijuana , a variety mystified by its extreme potency. You can consult the history of G13 marijuana to know the legend behind this strongest sativa strain.

Dutch Passion


Hard to talk about the best brands of marijuana seeds without mentioning this house. Dutch Passion began its wanderings back in 1987, also in Amsterdam  – cannabis hub at the time. Its founder, Henk Van Dalen , began to import Cannabis from all over the world to study it and create the first genetic marijuana combinations , which he would distribute in Dutch coffee shops.

From his research, strains as stable and cloned as White Widow or Blueberry emerge , genetics that have been a chair in the Cannabis industry for 30 decades. They were the first to obtain feminized seeds.

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt seeds

Humboldt Seeds is positioned as one of the best marijuana seed banks of 2020. The Humboldt County, located on the northeast coast of California, is an area known for its spectacular natural scenery and for being the place where some of the best bred varieties of Cannabis in the world. The Humboldt County cannabis fan communities have been around since the 1960s. This is the perfect context for the founding of the Humboldt Seeds house , which has been offering quality Californian marijuana genotypes for 17 years , which has allowed them to gain a great prestige in a short period of time. To the point of becoming the main exponent of the American cannabis scene.

Its Blue Dream varieties are famous for their high production and medicinal effects and the Pineapple Skunk , powerful and delicious in flavor. Speaking of the Skunk strain, you can check out a bit of the history of this strain in the history of Cannabis Skunk.

DNA Genetics

Another of the best seed banks of 2020 is DNA Genetics. This house was founded in 2004 in Amsterdam, and since then it has not stopped harvesting the best strains of Cannabis and trophies in the best marijuana competitions in the world. DNA Genetics brings its varieties from California and distributes them worldwide from its headquarters in Amsterdam. If this bank is characterized by anything, it is its international presence with a Dutch business model with Californian DNA.

Among its most impressive strains is LA Confidential, which took second place in the Best Indica category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005. They are a truly prolific bank and constantly renew their catalog, for this 2019 Banana Sorbet promises to be one of the most sought after.

Barney’s Farm

Barney's Farm

Barney’s Farm is on the list of the best marijuana seed banks. This house has been active for 30 years. Its founder, Derry, dedicated himself to selecting the best strains of Cannabis in the Himalayas and East Asia in the late 1980s, it was in 1992 when he returned to Amsterdam and founded Barney’s Farm. As a result of this compilation of phenotypes, its best-known varieties emerged, such as its Tangerine Dream, descendant of the legendary G13 or its Critical Kush, the Indica of 25% THC. The varieties of this seed bank are recognized for their high quality, which has led them to harvest multiple international trophies and enjoy great recognition from the public.

Without a doubt Barney’s Farm have devastated and it is likely that they will continue to do so, in the High Times Cannabis Cup , the most important marijuana cup in the world, where they have won more than 30 cups.

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