Pressed: what is pressed marijuana

close up of dry pressed cannabis leaves

Have you ever stopped to think about what you smoke? Maybe you grow and even know the strain, but who smokes pressed? Do you know what it’s made of? After all, the press is very different from those natural flowers that are real marijuana consumed in different parts of the world and are being regularized. The press has another color, shape, smell, and texture. So when we talk about marijuana in USA we must take into consideration the type of Cannabis we are talking about.

Although marijuana is found in some other Latin American countries, USA is the country that consumes the most Paraguayan press, which is obviously named after the country of origin. But what is this marijuana then? What makes it so different? That’s what Growroom will answer so you know exactly what you’re smoking. Because since we are one of the only countries to consume this marijuana considered to be of very poor quality, then it is good to understand everything about it.

And there is no problem with pressed smoking. The overwhelming majority of USAian potheads started like this too, but after learning more about the subject they end up switching to home cultivation to smoke something really medicinal and distant from the traffic that surrounds the press and that makes it look as bad as it is seen in a good part of the country, especially in periods of drought, as it happened recently, causing the appearance of the “pressed purple flower”, a dark, not to say black, marijuana that circulated with audio on social networks.

The goal here is to demystify all of this and answer all the questions you have probably asked yourself about it or should ask.

Pressed is marijuana?

Pressed is marijuana, yes, but not “in natura”. But at the same time, this does not mean that she receives chemicals or adulterations. The plants that give rise to the pressed can be Cannabis Indica, Sativa , or Hybrid. Does not matter. The difference is that instead of going through the correct drying and curing processes , these plants were pressed whole, with twig, leaf, flower, and seed if you have them together. They are only removed from the main stem and the largest ones.

Without the correct processes and often even being harvested ahead of time, the marijuana that until then was “alive” and full of resin and trichomes is drying out mistakenly and often already packaged to be sold, remaining in this situation for weeks or even months, and with that gaining that dark aspect, and strong ammonia smell that joins the bad storage, among other problems.

Marijuana can mold very easily and create fungi and with all these carelessness it becomes routine. No wonder, it is common to find moldy pieces in the press or even insects and other animals due to all this lack of basic care that Cannabis requires.

How is marijuana pressed?

No one was able to go as deeply into the “production” of pressed marijuana as the journalist Matias Maxx in his report published in the Public Agency in which he showed exactly and “in loco”, how the Paraguayan press is born. For that, he went to Paraguay himself and saw everything up close, including sharing this story in an episode of the Growroom podcast that you can listen to and learn even more about.

In short, after being harvested, dried completely wrong and in an inappropriate place, marijuana is placed in black bags and left in a place until the time they go to the presses, which are assembled and disassembled in the middle of the plantations according to the occasion. Hydraulic, these presses make the service of turning tons of marijuana literally “thrown” on top of tarpaulins where insects and other animals pass that end up being pressed together, as Matias reported.

All this marijuana is pressed, then reprized again until it becomes a huge 5kg block. Subsequently, these blocks are cut again, also in the middle of the plantations, thus becoming those traditional “bricks” of pressed 1kg marijuana that we are used to seeing seized in USA in droves in trucks, pickups, cars, and “toe caps”. In other words: several presses transform good or at least natural marijuana into a brown herb with a peculiar taste and smell, although it is pleasing.

Why is marijuana pressed?

Pressed marijuana takes up much less space than it does naturally in flowers, which facilitates trafficking. In addition, the USAian seems to have already become accustomed to the press and therefore there would be no reason why those who profit from it change the strategy only to offer a better product that perhaps would become more expensive. Especially when a good part of them consume this herb even though they have known all this for years helping to make the press a profitable business and a long lasting one.

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