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The renewal of the air inside an indoor growing room is of vital importance for the health and subsequent development of the plants grown in it. Cannabis plants need minimal amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in order to develop , along with light and water, without these factors the cultivation of marijuana is impossible, since they could not develop the photosynthesis process.

In order to provide the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide that indoor cannabis plants need, it is necessary to use so-called indoor crop extractors , which have two functions. On the one hand they are used to introduce fresh air , rich in CO2 and clean, from the outside to the inside of the crop and on the other hand they are used to extract the stale and depleted air from the inside to the outside of the crop.

Indoor crop extractors

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With the use of extractors and intractors for air renewal, it is possible to prevent in a high percentage the appearance of different types of pests or fungi. To improve this effect, it is also important to use several fans to distribute the new and fresh air between the plants and throughout the growing room.

Another effect that is achieved is to prevent the air from accumulating in layers within the crop, which prevents a good distribution of carbon dioxide and therefore that the plants cannot take full advantage of it. On the other hand, it is also possible to avoid the proliferation of different types of fungi and the appearance of harmful pests.

So that you can understand a little better what are the benefits of using extractors in cultivation, we are going to name them one by one:

  • Introduction of fresh air, rich in CO2 and O2
  • Depleted air extraction
  • Heat extraction
  • Prevents the formation of hot air pockets
  • Prevention against the appearance of fungi and / or pests
  • Healthier and stronger plants
  • Better developed specimens
  • Plants with greater capacity to feed
  • Increased evapotranspiration process

What extractor do I need for my crop?

To know which extractor we need for our room or grow cabinet , all we have to do is a simple calculation on the cubic meters of the area where we are going to grow. For this we are going to teach you how to know the cubic capacity and therefore, the ideal extractor for your interior.

This operation is very simple, you just have to measure the length, width and height of the room or the grow cabinet, and multiply them together.


We have a room 3m long, 2.5 wide, 2.70 high. Now we have to do the following multiplication with the measures we have taken; 3 x 2.5 x 2.70 = 20.5 m3. In this way we have found out how many m3 our interior has, 20.5 m3.Once we are clear about the cubic meters of our growing room, it is time to multiply them by the minutes that an hour has (60 minutes). The calculation is as follows; 20.5 x 60 = 1,215.

This last calculation has given us a result of 1,215, which indicates the power of the extractor that we must use so that the air is constantly and optimally renewed.

In the event that we want to work with a smaller extractor or that we already have one, and as it happens that it does not have the desired power, we can do the same calculation, but instead of using the 60 minutes that an hour has , this time we will use half (30min). In this way we can obtain an effective minimum air renewal.


We take the m3 from our room, 20.5 and multiply it by 30min, 20.5 x 30 = 615 m3 / h.

The result that this calculation has given us, indicates the minimum power that an extractor must have to offer a decent air renovation for that room or grow cabinet.

What intractor do I need for my cultivation?

The choice of a Instructor ideal for our room is much simpler than choosing an extractor. We just have to divide by four the power of the extractor that we have chosen to cultivate.


Our ideal extractor is 1,215 m3 / h, so we have to divide that amount by 4; 1,215: 4 = 303 m3 / h.

This calculation has given us a result of 303, which indicates the minimum power in cubic meters that the ideal instructor must have for our indoor cultivation.

When choosing the ideal extractor after having made the calculation of the extraction power in cubic meters that it should have, the task may be somewhat complicated for us , since there are different types and a large number of models. For this reason we are going to give you a brief overview of the types of extractors we work with at, which you can purchase on our website or in any of our stores.

Grow cabinet extractors

Vents TT 2-speed extractor :

In general, this type of extractor is usually used to extract air from small grow cabinets , although they can be used more effectively for interaction or to support the extraction system by installing it in the middle of the pipe section for the outlet. This type of extractor does not offer a high suction pressure, so the installation of carbon filters is limited. Only cloth filters with a high porosity could be used to avoid obstructing the air flow.

One of the advantages it has is the possibility of using it without or with the reducing jaws with which it comes from home, which increases its versatility, in addition to its two speeds. Given its characteristics, it is a good option for use in growth cabinets , mother maintenance and cuttings propagation.

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