How to use scraps from cannabis trimming and pruning

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Those who truly love cannabis, produce it and watch it grow know that this is a precious plant that it would be a real mortal sin to throw away. In fact, almost every part of the plant can be used so as to make the crops decidedly zero waste. A striking example is the recycling of trimming waste, or the manicure that allows you to clean the inflorescences.

Let’s see together what can be obtained from what remains after pruning.

Every part of this miraculous plant can be used to do something good and obviously the leaves removed from the inflorescences with pruning and trimming are no exception, indeed being very close to the most precious part of the plant they are rather rich in resin and cannabinoids so they are definitely interesting material to work on because they will certainly not be rich in aromas, THC and CBD like flowers but they hide a lot of potential.

What are trimming waste

We talked about this very thorough cleaning procedure in this article and we announced that throwing away the precious leaves removed by trimming would be truly heresy.

We refer to all the parts that are in the immediate vicinity of the inflorescence and which are removed to guarantee the consumer a very pure bud. These are not the large sun leaves (which are removed at the first pruning) but the smaller, thinner and more delicate ones that wrap and protect the inflorescence until harvest and which are called sugar leaves (precisely due to the presence of trichomes and resin on their surface). Even the most delicate branches near the flower can be stored and used together with these parts of the plant which are all rich in active ingredients but if smoked they could ruin the velvety and smooth aroma of a well-cleaned bud.

Therefore, these are used to make many other products that are very useful and sought after by marijuana and natural products lovers.

Cannabutter or cannabis oil for edibles

Edibles are the passion of many cannabis users who do not want to resort to joint consumption. Edible cannabis products such as cakes and biscuits are mostly made with cannabis butter or cannabis oil. To prepare these cannabis-infused (animal or vegetable) fat concentrates you can use the buds but also our famous leaves in order to optimize your resources. The result in terms of flavor will not change and you will find yourself with a nice supply of cannabinoids ready to be used in the kitchen.

Also for those who love to assimilate cannabinoids not through suction there is the option of dyeing. One of the oldest THC and CBD extraction methods in history. In practice, plant parts rich in active ingredients in alcohol (i.e. alcohol) are placed and a very concentrated alcoholic infusion is obtained to be used with the dropper inside food or drinks or directly under the tongue for a faster intake.

Cannabis body creams and ointments

Cannabis body care products are really on the crest of the wave because, now even the walls know this, cannabinoids have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and rebalancing properties that are also very good for the skin. With the trimming waste you can create creams, balms and ointments rich in active, cheap and totally natural ingredients, very useful especially for those with marked skin problems such as acne or psoriasis but also for those seeking relief from muscle pain.

Cannabis-based tea and infusions

A nice relaxing cannabinoid herbal tea might be the quickest use for a small supply of not too resin-rich leaf and twigs trim. But always remember that to activate the cannabinoids you will first have to decarboxylate the plant material or you will lose a lot of active ingredient along the way. The flavor of cannabis herbal tea is generally very strong and grassy in fact many like to add other natural aromas such as honey, dried citrus peel or chamomile flowers for example to mitigate its intensity a little.

Organic cannabis compost

The less valuable cannabis waste (those farthest from the buds) will instead be perfect for creating an excellent organic compost that will allow you to have a substrate made from organic plant material that you know and that you know pure and not touched by harmful substances (since the ‘you produced). Recycling cannabis waste to nourish and give life to your new plants is much more than intelligent and ecological, it is almost a romantic gesture!

Hashish and cannabis extracts

When it comes to trim, “his death” is certainly the creation of hashish and other types of extracts. Especially where large-scale production of inflorescences is carried out, large quantities of waste rich in cannabinoids are obtained which combined and processed with resinous kief, a substance that accumulates and collects during processing, allows to obtain a noteworthy compound that can give great satisfaction to the consumer even though it is not obtained only with the best part of the plant. Other more or less similar products that can be obtained with these parts of marijuana are charas and other concentrates, highly sought after and often powerful products.

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