How to rehydrate cannabis inflorescences

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It really happened to everyone, a bag not closed tightly on a too hot day, a vase placed in the wrong place, a supply of buds stored for too long. When cannabis loses excess moisture, its quality undoubtedly deteriorates, but there are several ways to prevent marijuana from drying out too much or to give buds new moisture. Here are our tips against too dry inflorescences.

There is no need to despair if you have picked up a beautiful cannabis flower from your personal stash and have unfortunately noticed that it has all dried up and has lost much of its natural aroma. Well we are obliged to scold you because you have certainly done something wrong in the conservation phase or you have simply waited too long to enjoy your flower, but having said that, it is possible to regenerate the inflorescence, this will improve the situation of the cannabis and guarantee you a smoke. best. But let’s start by trying to prevent this misfortune, because for the important issues prevention is always better than cure and besides, marijuana must be treated like a queen on principle., so here’s what we recommend you pay attention to when preparing / buying / storing your buds.

There are various reasons for finding yourself with too dry inflorescences: usually either they have been excessively dried or they have been grown in a very hot and dry area or they have been poorly stored or for too long since harvesting. Are you buyers? Always make sure your purchases are of good quality, not excessively dry and beautiful resinous, if at the moment you have no way of getting better flowers bought in small quantities, stocking up on cannabis that is already too dry is not a good idea. If you are the one producing the harvest, follow our curing and drying directions or those of another experienced grower, never improvise.

Once you have your stash, be sure to put the best conservation techniques in place (as we’ll explain later).

How to tell if your cannabis is too dry

If you are an expert you will immediately understand if those flowers you have on your hands are really too dry, otherwise we advise you to handle them for a moment with delicacy and if at the slightest touch they crumble they are definitely too dry and need rehydration. In fact, the smoke of a zero humidity marijuana as well as being less pleasant as an aroma can also be annoying for the throat and release a less velvety and tasty smoke. So if you see that some cannabis you have been storing for a while has lost taste, has a bitter tone, burns quickly and is very crumbly, you may want to resort to some kind of rehydration to improve its quality.

How to rehydrate too dry cannabis

Know that it is possible to give some life back to over-dry buds by artificially restoring the right humidity. Here are the techniques we recommend you use and the tips for storing your rehydrated buds. These systems will certainly not be able to resurrect the aromatic terpenes that are now gone but they will certainly allow you to return to having a smooth, velvety smoke and to lower the burning speed of your joint.

Rehydration of cannabis plants with distilled water

One of the best solutions to recover a dried inflorescence is to use distilled water or water that has been evaporated and then returned to the liquid state. This technique allows you to remove chemical or organic impurities and have a liquid that is as clean and healthy as possible. Alternatively, you could also use natural bottled water but of good quality. The technique consists of placing your cannabis in an open glass or earthenware jar and housing this wrapper in a larger container, this time with a sealing lid. Next to the cannabis jar, place a piece of clean, organic paper towel moistened well with water. At this point, place the lid (preferably airtight) of the large container and store everything in a cool place away from heat sources. After about 2 or 3 hours, double-check if your cannabis is sufficiently humidified and put it back in storage, otherwise leave it again and check it every now and then (up to 10 hours).

Rehydrating cannabis plants with fruit or vegetable peels

This slightly less clean but much more organic and natural technique involves setting up the same system that we used above a small uncovered jar and large container with lid, but instead of damp paper you can use peels and fruit or vegetable scraps.. In fact, these waste parts of plants can donate moisture in a completely natural way. The ideal is to use citrus peels (well washed and dried) that have a pleasant aroma and above all do not tend (thanks to the presence of many essential oils) to generate mold or develop bacteria. Salad ribs or apple peels are also fine, even if they rot more easily and should be kept an eye on. The times for rehydration with fruit and vegetables are generally a little longer than with moistened paper.

There are also bags on the market designed to restore moisture to cannabis and improve its conservation over time. They are generally made with materials that act with one-way osmosis or have pre-humidified walls that gradually release their water to the cannabis inside the container without reabsorbing it. They are not tools that last indefinitely: when the walls are completely dry they are no longer usable.

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