How to make marijuana cuttings

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How to make marijuana cuttings.A cutting is a fragment of the plant with the ability to root and replicate the initial plant, for this reason cuttings are made with branches and not with leaves. The cuttings are clones of the mother plant, that is, they will be generically the same keeping their characteristics. It is not a difficult task, but you have to know  how to make marijuana cuttings to guarantee the success of rooting the clones.


Material needed to make cuttings:

  • Mother plant. In order to take cuttings from a plant that starts from seed, it must be an adult. Cuttings inherit all the characteristics of the mother plant. Make sure that the mothers from whom you are going to obtain the cuttings do not have pests of insects or fungi, in addition to showing a healthy appearance if you want your clones to prosper properly.
  • Sharp scissors, preferably straight nose scissors for a precise cut.
  • Rooted substrate, ( jiffis, rock wool,…) to plant the cuttings.
  • Rooting hormones, gel or liquid.
  • Pharmacy alcohol,  to disinfect the cutting elements.
  • Latex, nitrile gloves, etc. to avoid spreading possible viruses or infections to the plant.
  • Container to store the clones, preferably a greenhouse.
  • Light, ideal for low-consumption lamps such as the 2x55w light (to cover 1/2 m2) or 4x55w light (to cover 1 m2)
  • How to make marijuana cuttings step by step:
  • Making marijuana cuttings is an easy and relatively quick task but you will need to be meticulous. organized and clean to do it correctly.

Below we show you a summary video and a detailed step-by-step explanation for you to make cuttings with 100% success.

1st Choice of the mother plants

marijuana growing cuttings outdoors

You will only be able to obtain mother plants from feminized seeds or regular seeds, not from autoflowering seeds that start to flower automatically and cannot be kept in vegetative growth.

The choice of mother plants is a long topic that deserves a specific article, the ideal is to select from among the more seeds the better, since this way you can have the opportunity to choose a perfect sample for your needs.

In general terms to obtain quality mothers you must follow the following tips:

  • Plant all the seeds you can for your selection, according to the space you have to grow. The more seeds you plant, the more specimens you can obtain and the more precise your selection can be. For example, if you germinate 1 seed to obtain a mother plant, that should be the one you use, but if you germinate 10 you can select the one with the best aroma, the one with the most production, the most resin, etc…
  • Once your seeds are large enough and have developed their hormonal system  (approximately 30-40 days from germination), you will be able to make cuttings from them and  keep the growing clones at 18h of light (properly labeled for proper identification) and thus way to conserve genetics until deciding which specimen you want to keep as a mother plant.
  • Starting from a good genetics. It is essential to start from quality genetics if you want to have a quality mother plant. To obtain a good mother plant we recommend that you do not skimp when buying your seeds, since a good mother can distinguish you remarkably as a grower.

2o Choice of the branches where the cuttings are going to be extracted:

  • The ideal size of a cutting is 7 to 12 cm. When the cuttings are short, it is easier for your vascular system and the clone’s perspiration to work. In long cuttings the distance to be traveled is greater, which requires more energy, time and less probability of rooting.
  • It is ideal that the branch where you cut the cut should have at least 3 knots, if not at least 2. It is necessary to have a top knot where it develops, and a knot just above the cut, eliminating the leaves and buds; This facilitates the formation of roots. An intermediate knot means two more branches so that the cannabis clone, once rooted, will have more productive area in less time.
  • The branches of the lower half of the plant will be older, so they will have a more developed hormonal system. Hormones are needed to tell the cells that instead of forming branches and woody material, generating roots, they are the so-called rooting hormones.

3rd Preparation of the substrate for cuttings:

  • Although there are many substrates for marijuana cuttings, the most common are jiffys (pressed peat) and rock wool.
  • Jiffys are cheaper, but they are also more clayey. They retain more moisture, bringing less air and less oxygen. We recommend hydrating the jiffys with pH 6 water (to which you can apply root stimulant such as Hesi Radicular at minimum dosage) and drain until the excess water is drained so that they are not soaked. If there is too much water in the jiffys, the cuttings may rot.
  • Hydrated jiffys or pressed peat
  • Jiffys or pressed peat hydrated, drained and placed on a tray
  • If you are going to use  rock wool cubes they need to have their pH corrected. We recommend leaving them to soak in water at pH 5.5-6 for a few hours (maximum 24) until the pH of the cubes is regulated. As it is an  inert material, it is always good to add a little root stimulant with growth fertilizer, both at half the minimum dosage indicated.
  • Place the rock wool jiffys or studs on their trays.

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