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Half Baked film

You’ve probably searched for comedy movies to watch stoned. After all, so-called stoner movies are everywhere and marijuana films infiltrated various cinema genres in the 1960s and exploded in the late 1990s. Among them, the ones that stand out most are documentaries, dramas, adventures and, of course, comedies. Every self-respecting pothead has already had a good laugh, delivered to the couch, enjoying a well-served comedy.

With the success of “Cheech & Chong”, the seventh art realized that the cannabists’ loose laughter represented a niche market and hilarious and singular works were produced. Most of the cannabic comedy classics came out between the 1990s and 2010, but even today they paint new films. Thinking about it, we set aside 10 comedy films to watch marijuana stoned.

Marijuana and comedy: the science behind

But what is it that makes good humor and Cannabis so close that there are several comedy movies to watch stoned and laugh about? Science explains: is that Anandamide, known in the scientific and medical universe as a substance of happiness, is not only a chemical that occurs naturally in our brain, but is also found in large quantities in THC, the psychoactive substance and most found in marijuana.

This helps explain why generally those who use marijuana laugh more easily and also why it is being used more and more to treat depression or improve mood.

Comedy movie tips for watching stoned

Now that it has become clearer how cannabis can be a good companion for a comedy film session and vice versa, how about starting watching and having lots of laughs? Here are some tips.

“The Big Lebowski” (“The Big Lebowski”) – 1998

Directed by the Cohen brothers, the film features Jeff Bridges in the role of Dude, an unemployed pothead who enjoys hanging out and bowling with friends Walter and Donny. But he is introduced to a millionaire of the same name, who is also called Jeffrey Lebowski, and receives an offer that will spoil his life – the wife of the “Great Lebowski” is kidnapped and he has to release her.

“Pineapple Express” (“Holding the Tips”) – 2008

Dale Danton is a lazy weed enthusiast, who always meets with dealer Saul Silver to stock up. On a visit, you acquire a specimen of a rare strain known as the Pineapple Express. So far so good, but Dale witnesses a murder and now has to find out if the tip he forgot at the scene can take the killers to him.

“Homegrow” (“Three Doubtful Partners”) – 1998 

Jack, Carter and Harlan lead a quiet life working on the Malcom marijuana farm in Northern California. But when the owner of the farm dies, the trio decides to omit the news to sell the crop and pocket three million dollars. Inexperienced and unaccustomed, they curl up in the dark world of drug trafficking and discover that their heads are at a premium. A comedy / drama, with a lot of madness and paranoia, and memorable performances by Billy Bob Thornton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillippe.

“Half Baked” (“Pra Lá de Baghdad”) – 1998

Film starring American comedian and activist Dave Chapelle, features a group of stoners who get in trouble when one of them is arrested with stuff. The other three friends decide to sell a lot of weed to post bail. They just did not count that the competition that they started to present would lead them to fight with a violent dealer of the area.

“Harold and Kumar” (“Very Crazy Dawn”) – 2004

Harold is a descendant of Koreans who hates his job and shares an apartment with Kumar, the son of a famous Indian doctor who expects him to major in medicine. The two friends enjoy smoking one and a beautiful day are stunned, in the munchies, by a new hamburger, which was shown on TV. The duo enters the night in search of the sandwich and gets into high trouble.

“Dazed and Confused” (“Young, Crazy and Rebel”) – 1993

A cult film classic, with Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck and Mila Jovovich in the cast. The film takes place in 1976, when a group makes the most of the end of high school. On graduation night, veterans enjoy fresh and wild parties with freshmen, packed with lots of marijuana and beer. Car races, new loves and a lot of madness invite the freshmen to splash out in the fun high school days.

“Saving Grace” ( 2001 )

Grace’s Barato is one of those fun and light marijuana films to watch with your family. It tells the story of a florist who lives in a small town in England and, when going through a complicated moment in life, sees in grass the solution to her problems. Threatened with eviction and a series of debts left by her husband, who committed suicide, Grace takes advantage of the talent with plants to help her friend Matthew in a marijuana greenhouse. Together, they resell the harvest to traffickers. British quality humor.

“How High” (“Two Crazy at Harvard”) – 2001

Rappers Method Man and Redman live in Silas and Jamal, two stoner friends who enter Harvard University. The student comedy revolves around the duo’s routine on campus, based on burning grass and trying to flirt with girls. The grades, of course, are the big problem: until Silas buys an exotic joint, which in addition to making them crazy also makes them do well in exams. The duple then manages to conduct the school year by smoking a lot of grass and wreaking havoc at the university.

“Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998)

Be careful, this movie can be as addictive as the book or the hard drugs consumed by the protagonists. Johnny Depp lives Raol Duke, alterego of the father of Gonzo Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, in the cinematographic version of his most crazy and well-known work. Duke is called on to cover a famous motorcycle race in Las Vegas.

To this end, he summons his lawyer and squire Dr. Gonzo (Benício del Toro), who gives orders about what to do with the advance money: rent a red Cadillac and fill it with exorbitant amounts of psychoactive substances. From there, the race is on the sidelines and a history of madness begins in the most lively city. “Fear and Delirium” is much more than a good comedy. It is also drama, an acting show and a unique account of the end of the hippie movement in the early 1970s.

“Cheech & Chong” – Up In Smoke ”(“ Burning Everything ”) –1978

The classic of the classics, “Up In Smoke” is the first film by the duo Cheech and Chong. The film shows the epic moment when the two meet and become friends, discovering their mutual love for marijuana. Right away, the pair ends up going to prison and deported to Mexico and is left with the mission to return to the United States. The mission is to return to the United States and, for that, Cheech and Chong unknowingly receive a van made of marijuana. On the way, the smoke leaves everyone stoned, until the pair ends up arriving at a bizarre rock festival.

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