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Indoor cultivation is based on reproducing in a closed environment and illuminated by lamps the environmental conditions suitable for the growth and development of cannabis. The success of an indoor crop is largely related to the environment created. If the lighting, temperature, ventilation or humidity are not correct, the plants will develop poorly, with problems and weaknesses from the first moment that will affect their health. The latest generation fertilizers, stimulators, large genetics or phytosanitary products are of little use if the conditions are not good. That is why it is really important to design and assemble the grow room correctly from the first moment.

Grow cabinets

The grow cabinets are very practical and easy to assemble.

Detachable grow cabinets have become the preferred choice of most growers for a few years now. They are made in many sizes, from 60x60 cm to 6x3 meters, so there is always one suitable for both small growers and large producers. They are relatively cheap and very practical since they are completely opaque and do not let light out, they have internal supports and adequate openings to hang and place lamps, air filters or extractors. The ideal situation is to be able to use a room exclusively for plants, even if we use a grow cabinet, since that avoids discomfort with noise or lights.

Kits to get started in indoor cultivation

A great way to start growing indoors without getting too complicated is to buy a kit from a good growshop. They include everything you need: cabinet, lamp, reflector, programmed, extractors, anti-odor filter, etc. They are generally good value for money and are good for getting started without spending a lot of money. Later, as we have more experience, we can expand or complicate the system. In addition to the material, it is important to select good genetics suitable for indoor cultivation, be it in the form of seed or cuttings. Small-sized hybrid varieties are the easiest to grow for a beginner. Leave the purest sativas for when you have a little more experience since their large size and long flowering make it more difficult to grow them.